Rudy Giuliani’s insurance

Back when the Feds appeared to be aggressively closing in on Rudy Giuliani a year and a half ago, he was asked during a TV interview if he was afraid that Donald Trump would leave him twisting in the wind. Giuliani responded that he had “insurance” in case that happened. Sure enough, the criminal case against Giuliani never did close in on him – until now.

Here’s the thing. Rudy never sought a pardon before Trump left office, and now Trump can’t help him (if there were a “secret” pardon in place all this time, there’s no way it would hold up legally). So Rudy is simply screwed. If he still has insurance against Trump, can it possibly still be worth anything? It’s not as if Rudy can use it to blackmail Trump into pardoning him or making the DOJ case go away.

But Rudy may still have one way to use his “insurance” if he does indeed have such a thing. Rudy’s only way out of this mess is to cut a plea deal against everyone else involved, including Donald Trump. In such case Trump would be tempted to use whatever dirt he has on Rudy to try to blackmail Rudy into not flipping on him. In turn, if Rudy has even uglier dirt on Trump, he could use it to get Trump to back off from blackmailing him.


One way or the other, this is likely to get ugly between Giuliani and Trump. Giuliani will end up with a de facto life sentence in prison unless he flips on Trump. These two men will likely end up playing a game of chicken with each other ahead of any such deal, and they could end up leaking portions of the dirt they have on each other, in the hope of getting the other to back down. Get your popcorn ready.

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