Rudy Giuliani’s associate sells him out to the House impeachment inquiry

Now that two of Rudy Giuliani’s associates have been arrested for their roles in Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal, all eyes have been on the two men to see if they cut plea deals against Trump and/or Rudy. Now it turns out Rudy has a whole new problem, because one of his other associates has reached a deal to sell him out to the House impeachment inquiry.

Rudy Giuliani’s associate Semyon Kislin has formally agreed to cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry according to CNN, just two days after Al Jazeera reported that Kislin tried to get his hands on millions of dollars of money that had been stolen by former Ukrainian leader Yanukovich. Kislin’s association with Giuliani raises further questions about the money trail from corrupt elements in Ukraine into Giuliani’s pocket. Over the weekend the New York Times reported that Giuliani took hundreds of thousands of dollars from a company run by Lev Parnas, who was one of the two men arrested. So where does this get us?

Kislin is obviously in legal trouble, and he appears to have concluded that his best bet is to go ahead and cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry. Notably, right after the House tried to get Parnas and Igor Fruman to testify, they were arrested while trying to flee the country. Kislin may be betting that if he helps the impeachment inquiry as proactively as possible, he might be able to negotiate a lenient plea deal with the SDNY.

In any case, this can only be seen as more bad news for Rudy Giuliani, who is becoming more radioactive by the day, and who appears to be coming closer to his arrest by the day. The House can give the SDNY everything that Kislin provides about Giuliani, thus making the criminal case against him more compelling.

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