Now we’re REALLY wondering if Robert Mueller got to Rudy Giuliani

A few days ago, Palmer Report pointed out that Rudy Giuliani had completely vanished. Reports surfaced that Donald Trump is mad at him, just as Rudy said he was worried his epitaph would read that he “lied for Trump.” Then Rudy stepped off the stage, no interviews, no tweets, nothing. His lament and disappearance were enough to make us wonder if perhaps he ran to Robert Mueller and cut a plea deal.

Now Donald Trump is finally addressing the Rudy Giuliani situation, sort of. When a New York Times interviewer asked him on Thursday about the Trump Tower Moscow deal, Trump immediately ripped into his own criminal defense attorney: “So let me tell you about about Trump Tower Moscow. This was a very unimportant deal. This was a very unimportant deal. No. 1. No. 2, this was a deal, the only thing you heard is through Rudy. Is that what you heard? Through Rudy?”

This was a bit odd, considering the interviewer hadn’t even mentioned Rudy up to that point. But Trump kept piling the blame on his own man. “Rudy was incorrect,” he said. “Rudy has been wrong. A little bit,” whatever that was supposed to mean. This is a rather surreal way to speak about a guy who’s still your criminal defense attorney. It tells us that, officially or unofficially, Rudy is not still Trump’s attorney.

From the start it’s been fairly clear that Rudy Giuliani signed on as Donald Trump’s attorney in order to try to take down Robert Mueller, before Mueller could get to the bottom of Giuliani’s own role in the Trump-Russia and Trump-Turkey scandals. We’ve expected all along that if Trump ever fired Rudy, he would simply run and cut a plea deal with Mueller. Now that Trump has all but fired Rudy in this interview, we’re even more curious if Rudy may be sitting somewhere on a park bench with Mueller as we speak.