Rudy Giuliani tips off that his arrest is drawing near

No one would ever accuse Rudy Giuliani of handling things in a sensible manner these days. But even he knows that some risks just aren’t worth taking unless his back is so far against the wall, he’s left with nothing to lose. For instance, Rudy just traveled to Ukraine – and it’s the biggest risk he could take.

Rudy Giuliani is in Ukraine as we speak, meeting with his Ukrainian co-conspirators, in some kind of bizarre last ditch effort at manufacturing evidence that he’s somehow innocent or that Joe Biden is somehow guilty, according to a surreal report from the New York Times. Here’s the thing. Rudy just watched his other co-conspirators Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman get arrested while trying to leave the country. So Rudy is very lucky he didn’t trigger his own arrest at the airport. But Rudy is taking an even bigger risk here.

By meeting with his co-conspirators to try to cook up some kind of last minute Hail Mary play, Rudy is helping prosecutors establish that he conspired with them to begin with. Rudy knows it too, as he’s a former career prosecutor and his increasingly addled brain hasn’t completely melted. Rudy knows this is a low-percentage play on his part that’s very unlikely to help him, and very likely to hurt him.

That’s how we know that Rudy Giuliani knows his arrest is drawing near. He’s making the kinds of moves that you only make when your back is against the wall and the clock is nearing zero. The Feds at the SDNY are surely tracking Rudy’s every move, and knew he was leaving the country. Their decision not to arrest him suggests that they’re giving him enough rope during this trip to hang himself. They’re probably correct. Rudy will come home, because he’s still under the delusion that Trump will magically pardon him. He’s surely not fleeing the country. But he’s soon going to end up wishing he had.

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