Donald Trump finally trots out Rudy Giuliani again, and it goes even more stupidly than expected

Donald Trump has finally let his bumbling and stumbling defense attorney Rudy Giuliani out of the dog house, allowing Rudy to resume going out there and talking to the media on his behalf. Giuliani has a habit of telling asinine lies about Special Counsel Robert Mueller to the mainstream media, and unfortunately, the media has a habit of printing those lies as if they were plausible. Here we go again.

Rudy Giuliani is now telling Reuters that Paul Manafort hasn’t told Robert Mueller anything incriminating about Donald Trump. Rudy says he knows this because Trump and Manafort still have a joint defense agreement in place, and Manafort’s lawyers told him. Reuters has, incredibly, printed this nonsense as if it were somehow the truth. Reuters acknowledges that legal experts have framed such a scenario as “unusual” – but the word they should have gone with here is “nonexistent” – because no such thing could possibly be happening.

Robert Mueller would have to be a complete idiot to give Paul Manafort a cooperating plea deal in exchange for testifying against Donald Trump, and then somehow forget to tell Manafort that he had to sever his joint defense agreement with Trump. No way, not a chance. That’s just not how anything works. The trouble here is that, as inept as Rudy Giuliani may be in general, he knows he’s got two things working for him. First, he can lie to the media about Mueller and Trump-Russia, and Mueller probably isn’t going to bother to publicly push back. Second, for whatever reason, major media outlets love nothing more than printing Rudy’s asinine lies as if they were fact.

Of course this does nothing to help Donald Trump in any way. Rudy Giuliani is performing for an audience of one. He’s trying to convince Trump, through the media, that everything is going to magically work out okay for him. We still don’t fully know what weird game Rudy is playing here, but he’s clearly looking to keep Trump happy and complacent by feeding him fantasies. Yes, Paul Manafort sold out Donald Trump, and no, Manafort isn’t giving Trump’s lawyers information about his testimony. Also, the sky is blue, water is wet, and Rudy makes things up for a living.