Rudy Giuliani and his son have a whole new problem

To hear Rudy Giuliani tell it, all the crimes that he and Donald Trump have committed in the Ukraine scandal were simply because their moral compass wouldn’t allow them to ignore the fact that Joe Biden and his son did corrupt things in Ukraine. Of course the Bidens did no such thing. But now it turns out Rudy and his son have a problem.

Trump and Rudy keep insisting that Ukraine showed favoritism toward Joe Biden’s son because Biden was Vice President of the United States. Nevermind of course that Trump’s kids are the poster children for meritless favoritism and brazenly corrupt nepotism, corruptly using their father’s status as President of the United States to gain financial favor worldwide. That’s bad enough. Now we’re learning that Trump also hired Rudy Giuliani’s son for an apparently fake White House job.

The Atlantic is reporting that not only did Donald Trump hire Andrew Giuliani for a White House job, the kid doesn’t do much of anything in the job, and is instead merely “having a nice time” while getting paid with taxpayer money.

In other words, not only do Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani not care about nepotism in politics, they’re both engaging in deeply and almost hilariously corrupt levels of nepotism with their own families. Rudy will be indicted and arrested before much longer, and Trump is earmarked for prison once he’s gone from office, so they can run their mouths as much as they want; they won’t be able to tweet from prison.

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