Smoking gun surfaces against Rudy Giuliani

When the news surfaced last week that Rudy Giuliani had reportedly used two other unnamed attorneys as a go-between for dangling a pardon at Michael Cohen, Palmer Report predicted that it would spell the end of Giuliani. Sure enough, emails have now surfaced which prove that Rudy did in fact instruct at least one of these attorneys to strongly hint at a pardon.

Emails from attorney Robert Costello have been obtained by CNN. They reveal that Costello, at Rudy Giuliani’s instruction, told Michael Cohen that he should “sleep well tonight” because he has “friends in high places.” Costello is insisting to CNN that the emails mean that Cohen was seeking a pardon and that he and Giuliani were refusing to give it to him, but Costello’s emails tell a very different story. So now what?

Costello can plead ignorance all he wants, but these emails are the kind of smoking gun that will probably end up leaving him with no choice but to cut a plea deal against Rudy Giuliani. That in turn will leave Giuliani with the option of either flipping on Donald Trump or going to prison. That’s when we’ll find out if Rudy is naive enough to believe that he’s going to get pardoned if he remains loyal to Trump.

Meanwhile back in the real world, as we keep seeing again and again, there are no magic pardons in this scandal. State charges alone negate Donald Trump’s ability to get his henchmen off the legal hook. We were reminded of this today when New York State brought sixteen new felony charges against Paul Manafort. Also, Matt Whitaker flipped on Trump today, because even he knows no pardons are coming. Rudy Giuliani is going to prison unless he flips on Trump.