Rudy Giuliani screws up and confesses

Rudy Giuliani has been having a really bad forty-eight hours. First he announced in an interview yesterday that he was going to quit Donald Trump’s legal defense team, only to then announce on Twitter that he wasn’t going to quit. Then today House Democrats revealed that they’re targeting Rudy over his shady paid overseas gigs. Now tonight Rudy just screwed up and confessed to something.

Check out this tweet from Rudy Giuliani and see if you can spot where he went wrong: “Austin Goldsbee on Fox with Dan Bongino accused me of having inappropriate conversations with FBI in 2016. A lie typical of Obama people. I had no conversations with on duty FBI agents in 2016. Unlike Obama-Hillary people I don’t have inappropriate conversations with the FBI.”

If the phrase “on duty FBI agents” got your attention, you win the prize. No one is ever that oddly specific without a good reason. If you announced that you never assaulted an “on duty police officer,” people would take that as a confession that you have assaulted an off duty police officer, and so on. So if Rudy is making a point of insisting that he didn’t have any conversations with “on duty FBI agents,” it’s a dead give away that he had conversations with off duty FBI agents. Oops.

This kind of thing happens to Rudy Giuliani with alarming frequency. Back when he was regularly appearing on cable news as Donald Trump’s legal spokesman, he would routinely give away crucial details about the Trump-Russia election conspiracy that weren’t publicly known. Now he’s giving away secrets about himself. Once Rudy is hauled in to testify before Congress, it’s a guarantee that he’ll be asked about the tweet he posted tonight, and what conversations he had with off duty FBI agents during the 2016 election.

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