Rudy Giuliani goes completely berserk after House Republicans try to scapegoat him

As tends to happen in rapidly unraveling criminal conspiracies, there is no longer any way that everyone involved in the conspiracy is going to survive. Donald Trump’s Ukraine criminal scandal has reached the point where not even all the important people can all survive. Accordingly, some big names are now throwing some other big names under the bus.

Donald Trump’s House Republican allies have now concocted a new scheme to try to save Trump by insisting that the Ukraine extortion plot was carried out entirely by Gordon Sondland, Mick Mulvaney, and Rudy Giuliani, all behind Trump’s back, according to the Washington Post. Trump demonstrated that he’s at least partly on board with this scheme today, when he stood on the White House lawn and claimed to barely even know Sondland. But Trump will have a more difficult time throwing Giuliani and Mulvaney under the bus.

It’s not that Trump has any loyalty to anyone. It’s that Mulvaney and Giuliani know where a whole lot of the bodies are buried. If they look at the fact that they’re being scapegoated, and they take it as a sign that no magic pardon is coming, they may feel compelled to flip on Trump and cooperate with federal prosecutors and/or the impeachment inquiry.

Rudy Giuliani responded to reports that he’s being scapegoated by going completely berserk on Twitter: “The lunatic Dems now say defending POTUS is a personal not national interest. They ignore that defending a POTUS against FALSE charges is in the nation’s best interest!” Partisan rhetoric aside, what matters here is that Rudy is asserting that all his Ukraine antics were done at Donald Trump’s behest. In other words, Rudy is making a point of reminding everyone that he wasn’t working alone.

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