Rudy Giuliani responds to phone call logs, screws up and gives something away

Last night Palmer Report pointed out that it was remarkable how long Rudy Giuliani had gone without responding to the revelation that the House impeachment inquiry had obtained his cellphone records. We’d have expected him to call it “fake news” or claim that AT&T and Verizon were part of a liberal conspiracy against him. This morning Rudy finally responded… and let’s just say he’d have been far better off remaining quiet.

Rudy Giuliani’s first tweet wasn’t too bad: “The mere fact I had numerous calls with the White House does not establish any specific topic. Remember, I’m the President’s attorney.” The call logs prove that he repeatedly called the White House, so he might as well admit it and try to spin up a legitimate reason for doing so. Because Rudy is conspiring with Trump to commit crimes, he’s not actually Trump’s lawyer, but at least Rudy is trying to create reasonable doubt here.

But a minute later Rudy got carried away by posting this tweet: “They’ve already taken away Donald Trump’s right to call witnesses, cross-examine, confront his accusers, or be represented by counsel at hearings. Now he can’t talk to his counsel on the telephone? This is CNN’s version of America? Coming to a theatre near you!”

In this second tweet, Rudy Giuliani is acknowledging that he didn’t just speak with the White House, he spoke directly with Donald Trump. In other words, Rudy essentially just confessed that the “-1” phone call in his call logs from April of this year was in fact from Trump. This helps establish the timeline of the Ukraine extortion conspiracy – and it’s a potentially major screw up on Rudy’s part. We all knew “-1” was Trump anyway, but Rudy just erased much of the reasonable doubt he’d need at trial.

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