Rudy Giuliani mistakenly text messages evidence against himself to reporter

Rudy Giuliani may never live down the fact that he accidentally butt-dialed an NBC News reporter last month and appeared to reveal that he was broke and trying to get money from someone overseas. Now it turns out Rudy has been having even more phone fails, as he accidentally text messaged evidence against himself to a reporter as well.

Rudy Giuliani stands accused of having conspired with Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman – who were both recently arrested – to spread phony pro-Trump conspiracy theories that were being published by a reporter named John Solomon. The Daily Beast is now revealing that at one point Giuliani accidentally text messaged an entire Solomon article to one of its reporters, along with suggestions for headlines, before it had been published.

This means that Giuliani wasn’t just acting on the false information that Solomon was publishing; he had advance access to what Solomon was planning to publish, and may have even been dictating what headlines Solomon should use. This in turn suggests that Giuliani may have been telling Solomon what to write, before going on to use Solomon’s articles as “evidence” in his criminal antics.

This doesn’t incriminate Solomon, unless it can be proven that he knew Rudy Giuliani was using his columns in furtherance of a criminal conspiracy. But it does appear to incriminate Giuliani, because if he was planting these lies in the media before using the resulting articles as part of his crime spree, he won’t be able to argue that he honestly believed the false news articles were true.

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