Rudy Giuliani just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar

Even as federal prosecutors continue to close in on Rudy Giuliani for the numerous felonies he committed during the course of Donald Trump’s Ukraine extortion scandal, Rudy has continued to insist that he was only doing it because Joe Biden’s (imaginary and thoroughly debunked) corruption in Ukraine simply had to be brought to light. No jury was going to buy that excuse anyway, but now it turns out even that excuse has been shattered.

At the time Rudy Giuliani was trying to pressure Ukraine’s then-top prosecutor Yuri Lutsenko into announcing a sham investigation into the Bidens, Rudy was also trying to pressure Lutsenko into personally paying him $200,000 in โ€“ ahem โ€“ legal fees. This startling yet not surprising revelation is coming by way of the Washington Post. It’s crucial because it’s the final nail that guarantees Rudy will never get out of prison.

If Rudy was hoping to convince a jury to give him some degree of leniency under the guise that he was simply misguidedly trying to help America by exposing corruption, that just went out the window. Instead, Rudy was corruptly trying to line his own pockets while he was corruptly trying to rig the 2020 election in Donald Trump’s favor. This is going to make things almost shockingly easy for Rudy’s trial jury.

We’ll see if Donald Trump decides to stick his neck out by trying to pardon Rudy Giuliani, which would trigger a court battle over whether a president can pardon his own alleged co-conspirators โ€“ and the outcome of that court ruling could end up costing Trump his ability to pardon his kids on his way out the door. But even if Rudy is pardoned on federal charges, there are surely New York State charges waiting for him.

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