Rudy Giuliani just completely screwed Donald Trump over

Donald Trump seems to think that having an inept loose cannon like Rudy Giuliani for a criminal defense attorney is a good thing, presumably because Rudy’s epic screw-ups tend to distract attention from Trump’s own scandals. The trouble is that sooner or later Rudy was going to find himself facing serious jeopardy – and now that it’s happened, Rudy is screwing Trump over to try to save himself.

By now you’ve heard the story of how Rudy Giuliani conspired with a faction of the government of Ukraine to try to fabricate a scandal about Joe Biden, in the hope of sinking Biden’s 2020 campaign. No one bought into the phony Biden scandal, and instead it became a brewing scandal for Rudy. After all, if he did this of his own accord without the approval of the U.S. government, he’d potentially be in violation of numerous felony statutes.

Sure enough, according to NBC News, Rudy is now publicly asserting that he worked with Donald Trump’s State Department to conspire with the government of Ukraine on the fake Biden scandal. This matters for two reasons.

First, Rudy Giuliani is now clearly worried that he’s going to end up criminally indicted once Donald Trump is out of office. That points to the desperation playing out in Trump’s orbit as Trump’s odds of reelection continue to get uglier. Second, it means that Rudy is perfectly willing to drag Trump’s State Department into the mess, so that it becomes a Trump regime scandal instead of a Rudy crime. With friends like this, Trump doesn’t need enemies, though he has an increasing number of enemies as well.

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