Rudy Giuliani issues completely whacked out late night response to raid

After the Feds raided Rudy Giuliani’s house this morning, he tweeted early this afternoon that he was about to do a live broadcast to talk about the case. Apparently his lawyer talked him out of this very stupid idea, because it never happened. But just a few minutes ago, Rudy has released a whacked out statement on the matter.

In the very first sentence of his nine paragraph meltdown, Rudy Giuliani immediately tried to blame it all on “Hunter Biden’s hard drive.” No, really. Rudy then went on to falsely accuse Hunter Biden of all kinds of crimes while providing nothing to back it up.

By the fifth paragraph, Rudy Giuliani finds himself rambling incoherently about Hillary Clinton of all people. Eventually Rudy blames the whole thing on “Trump Derangement Syndrome” – an imaginary concept made up by the most mentally unstable of Trump’s remaining supporters.

Suffice it to say that this statement isn’t going to help Rudy Giuliani. If anything, once he is inevitably indicted and arrested, the Feds may be able to use this statement as evidence that Giuliani is too unstable and hellbent on revenge to be allowed out on bail pending trial.

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