Rudy Giuliani goes on TV and has completely senile meltdown, appears to be physically ill

We’ve spent the past week and a half waiting to find out if Rudy Giuliani has coronavirus, and in the process we almost forgot that he’s suffering from what looks to be mid stage dementia. Rudy appeared on the Judge Jeanine show on Fox News tonight, and it went so poorly for him that even Jeanine didn’t seem to be buying it.

Rudy Giuliani, sounding completely confused and looking like he’d recently been dropped into a vat of acid, tried to make the argument that Joe Biden is somehow the one with dementia. Rudy suggested that Biden has been using an earpiece during public appearances, insisting that “hermetic circumstances” were involved. At that point even Jeanine had enough and cut him off, saying she’d like to see some evidence of it.

In any case, Rudy looked extremely ill during the interview:


Rudy Giuliani is one of the very few members of Donald Trump’s debate prep team who somehow hasn’t tested positive for coronavirus. He claims he’s still testing negative, but he’s still within the fourteen day window, which means he’s still not out of the woods. Rudy’s deathly glaze tonight comes after he appeared on Fox News earlier in the week and couldn’t stop coughing.

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