Rudy Giuliani goes completely berserk on live national television as the walls cave in on him

For some reason MSNBC thought it would be a good idea to book Rudy Giuliani, who is increasingly senile and more full of deranged conspiracy theories than ever, for a live interview this morning. Let’s just say that it didn’t go well for anyone involved.

Host Jonathan Capehart did his best to keep Rudy’s antics under control during the interview, but Rudy wasn’t in the mood to behave like a sane person. At one point Capehart calmly cut off Rudy’s lies, and Rudy replied with “Jonathan, calm down!” When Capehart calmly said “Answer the question,” Rudy yelled “Don’t yell at me, Jonathan. That isn’t dignified.” To be clear, Rudy was the only one yelling.

At one point Rudy Giuliani briefly disappeared from the screen, then popped back up holding his phone and bragging that he’s never erased it. Jonathan Capehart then laid out Rudy’s fabled past and pathetic present, and lastly asked, “What happened to you?” Rudy responded by holding up his phone again and began shouting incoherently.

It’s worth noting that Rudy Giuliani was just caught conspiring with a sanctioned Kremlin operative, and it seems nearly a lock that Rudy will go to prison if Donald Trump loses the election. No wonder Rudy is freaking out so badly.

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