Rudy Giuliani goes completely berserk after Donald Trump gets banned from Twitter

After Twitter permanently banned Donald Trump tonight, Trump tried jumping on the @POTUS governmental account and attacking Twitter. This lasted for a few seconds before Twitter shut him down again. But as poorly as Trump is handling things tonight, his domestic terrorist co-conspirator Rudy Giuliani is handling things just as poorly.

Shortly after Trump got banned, Rudy Giuliani tweeted “What happened to Parler?” No one is quite sure what he’s talking about. Then two minutes later Rudy tweeted “What happened to POTUS?” This may have been in reference to Trump’s attempted use of the @POTUS account, or it could be a sign that Giuliani can’t find Trump himself. Then Rudy tweeted “Who will be silenced next?” Most people replied with some variation of “You!”


It’s not a surprise that Rudy Giuliani is taking Donald Trump’s downfall poorly. The end of Trump means the end of Giuliani’s relevance. It also means that Rudy is going to end up criminally charged for his own role in this week’s domestic terrorist attack. And of course Rudy could be next in line to get banned from Twitter, after he tweeted support for the same violent conspiracy groups that Trump got banned over.

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