Rudy Giuliani goes bonkers after the Feds raid his home

We all know how much trouble Rudy Giuliani is in after the Feds raided his home this morning. The question is whether Rudy knows how much trouble he’s in, or whether he delusionally thinks he can somehow magically get himself off the hook.

Rudy’s own behavior today suggests that he does indeed know he’s in deep trouble. For instance, he made the bonkers move of tweeting that he was about to go live on a radio broadcast to discuss the raid, before ending up deleting the tweet. We were hoping he would go through with it, because in so doing, he would surely have incriminated himself even further.

Instead Rudy settled for retweeting someone who had said that “Rudy Giuliani is on fire.” This was intended as a metaphorical reference to Rudy’s conspiracy-drivel podcast. But we can’t of a more fitting symbol than Rudy Giuliani responding to today’s events by tweeting “Rudy Giuliani is on fire.” For once he’s right. His whole life is now on fire.

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