Rudy Giuliani goes berserk as Ukrainian flips on him

Rudy Giuliani has been even more incoherently angry and belligerent than usual today on Twitter, suggesting that he knew bad news was coming for him. Sure enough, it turns out a prominent Ukrainian has flipped on Rudy and agreed to help the Feds with their criminal case against him.

Rudy has been ranting and raving today about how Joe Biden has somehow conspired with the media to silence him, and how Biden is some kind of mafia boss. It’s the kind of nonsense that an unraveling criminal shouts while law enforcement drags him away by his heels – and it’s sure starting to look like that’s what is about to happen to Giuliani.

It’s been previously reported that among the numerous things the Feds are investigating Rudy Giuliani for, one of them is the allegation that he tried to use his position as Trump’s lawyer to force Ukrainian gas company Naftogaz to do his personal financial bidding. Now the CEO of that company is making a point of telling Time Magazine that he’s going to fully cooperate with the investigation. This is a big deal for a couple reasons.

First, the easiest way to nail Rudy Giuliani for his crimes is a money trail or paper trail. If this company can turn over records proving that Rudy Giuliani was trying to use his position as Donald Trump’s lawyer to force the company to make moves that would have benefited him financially, then it’ll be a nearly automatic conviction. Second, it’s a big deal that the head of a major Ukrainian company is looking to help expose Rudy’s crimes in that country, as it could be the start of a trend.

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