Rudy Giuliani flips out as he realizes the end is near

Rudy Giuliani knows the end is near for him. We’re not merely saying this because a federal grand jury has sent subpoenas to his associates, demanding all communications with him, and revealing that the list of alleged crimes is a mile long. We’re not even saying it because Donald Trump tried to distance himself from Rudy this week.

We’re saying it because Rudy Giuliani is even more unhinged right now than usual – and he very much sounds like a guy who knows the end is near for him. Rudy is referring to the investigation into the Trump-Ukraine scandal as a “travesty,” a word that generally only gets used by people who think the damage has already been done.

Rudy is also posting rants like this, which are ludicrously hyperbolic even by his standards: “The Schiff frame-up based on no admissible and the trampling of rights to counsel, call witnesses, confrontation, cross examination are worse than the old McCarthy Communist hearings.”

The trouble for Rudy Giuliani is that as the Feds close in on him, he simply has no easy way out. Trump’s comments make a pardon seem increasingly unlikely. Even if Rudy were pardoned on federal charges, he’d surely be indicted on parallel charges by New York State. Rudy could cut a plea deal against Trump, but considering the extent of Rudy’s years-long international crime spree, he would still do significant prison time – likely in solitary confinement due to his notoriety. Rudy’s life is over, and he knows it.

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