Rudy Giuliani goes berserk after embarrassing leak

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is so close to dropping the hammer on Donald Trump, the Trump regime just hired seventeen new lawyers on Wednesday to try to fend off what’s coming. Rudy Giuliani, who can’t keep his mouth shut, thinks it’s going to be so ugly, he recently told a friend that Mueller’s report is going to be “horrific” for Trump. Suffice it to say that Rudy isn’t happy that his words leaked – and he’s lashing out at the wrong reporter.

Here’s what Rudy Giuliani tweeted about the matter, complete with question marks that appear to be an admission that he wasn’t sure how to spell anyone or anything involved, along with Rudy’s usual space bar failures: “Be on notice that an article in Inquistr(?) by Andrew Denny(?)is false. Never told a “friend” I expect a horrific report and no one is discussing a deal. I don’t know publication or reporter and,as usual with sneaks, they never called for comment.”

The thing is, Giuliani did spell everything correctly. There really is an Andrew Denny who writes for the Inquistr. The trouble: Denny wasn’t the primary source for the story. Instead it came from Vanity Fair reporter Gabriel Sherman. This is hilariously clueless even by Rudy’s standards.

What will Rudy Giuliani do for an encore? Will he attack the Postmaster General for her investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal? Will he attack Speaker of the House Lady Gaga for refusing to negotiate an end to the government shutdown? At a time when Donald Trump desperately needs help from Rudy, it turns out Rudy desperately needs help period.