Rudy Giuliani has utterly psychotic meltdown about Colonel Vindman

Based on what’s been publicly released thus far, and based on Donald Trump’s reaction on Twitter, it’s already clear that Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman’s impeachment testimony is devastating for Trump. Based on what’s coming out of Rudy Giuliani’s crypt right now, it’s becoming clear that Rudy is also more than a bit fearful of the Colonel’s testimony.

Rudy Giuliani had largely remained quiet since his Ukraine scandal co-conspirators Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman were arrested, and word surfaced that Rudy himself is the current target of the federal criminal investigation. But when Colonel Vindman came forward to testify,
Rudy sprang to life and tweeted this lie-filled and completely incoherent screed:

ANOTHER SCHIFFTY BACKFIRE: A US gov. employee who has reportedly been advising two gov’s? No wonder he is confused and feels pressure. However the only opinion that legally counts is Pres. Zelensky’s. Who has clearly said NO pressure. End of impeachment. End of Schiff.

Uh, okay then. To be clear, Colonel Vindman has absolutely not been advising two governments. And we have no idea why Rudy Giuliani thinks that this imaginary revelation is somehow the “end of impeachment” or the end of Adam Schiff. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Rudy just gave away how truly desperate, frantic, and psychologically fractured he truly is. This comes after Giuliani had a meltdown late last night about someone named “Ben Laden.”

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