Rudy Giuliani just spoke up and attached himself to Donald Trump’s sinking presidency like a boat anchor

Over the past week it’s become clear that Rudy Giuliani is the target of the federal investigation that’s already swallowed his Ukraine scandal associates Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. During that time Rudy has been uncharacteristically quiet, only speaking up in response to the occasional media request, and briefly saying stupid things before disappearing again. But now Rudy has finally broken his silence on Twitter – and wow is it bad for Donald Trump.

We suppose we should have seen this coming. Earlier today, when Parnas and Fruman appeared in front of a judge for the first time, they tried to assert executive privilege in the name of getting some of the evidence against them suppressed. Executive privilege doesn’t come close to applying here. But as we explained, the mere fact that they tried to invoke it means that they’ve tied their fate to that of Donald Trump, because they just asserted that they were acting on his behalf when they committed these Ukraine crimes.

That left Rudy Giuliani with no choice, really, but to go ahead and do the same. Accordingly, here’s what Rudy tweeted this evening: “With all the Fake News let me make it clear that everything I did was to discover evidence to defend my client against false charges.Dems would be horrified by the attacks on me, if my client was a terrorist.But they don’t believe Donald Trump has rights. Justice will prevail.”

If you ignore the histrionics about terrorists and such, only one part of this tweet really matters: “everything I did was to discover evidence to defend my client.” Rudy Giuliani just asserted that he committed his crimes for Donald Trump, which means they’re Trump’s crimes. In other words, Rudy just attached himself to Trump’s sinking presidency like a boat anchor.

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