Rudy Giuliani associate suddenly decides to plead guilty just before election day

All along we’ve been waiting to see if the SDNY would arrest Rudy Giuliani before or after the election. There are plenty of variables at play. For instance, arresting Giuliani now could increase the odds of Donald Trump pardoning him on his way out the door. In addition, there are seemingly a number of potential cooperating witnesses in play.

Now an interesting piece of the puzzle is starting to come together. Most people recall Rudy Giuliani’s associates Lev and Igor being famously arrested a year ago, but they weren’t the only ones. Another Giuliani associate, David Correia, was also arrested at the time – and now, according to Law & Crime, he’s decided to plead guilty tomorrow. So what’s going on?

The short answer is that we don’t know. It’s not even clear yet if Correia is cooperating or if he’s simply pleading guilty. And if he is cooperating, it’s not clear if he’d be cooperating against Lev, Igor, Rudy, or all of them. Lev Parnas has publicly come out strongly against Rudy and Donald Trump, but it’s not clear if or when he might cut a deal. There are a lot of potential moving parts here, and we’re not even close to having a full picture.

But it has to mean something that an associate of the personal attorney to the President of the United States has suddenly decided to plead guilty immediately before the election, instead of waiting until after. Something is afoot. We’ll see what it ends up being.

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