It’s even worse for Rudy Giuliani than we thought

For the past few days it’s been clear that the SDNY is eventually going to indict and arrest Rudy Giuliani. The big question has been how far along they are in the investigation and indictment process. Are they still several months away from completing their investigation into Rudy, or are they ready to pop him at any time? Now we’re largely getting the answer, and it’s the worst case scenario for Giuliani.

The SDNY is so far along in its criminal probe into Rudy Giuliani, it’s already examined his bank records, according to a stunning new report tonight from the Wall Street Journal. This means that prosecutors gathered enough evidence to obtain a subpoena of Rudy’s bank records, then got those bank records, and have already found what they’re looking for in those records. This is a lengthy process, and the fact that they’re already worked their way through it means the Feds have been digging into Rudy for quite awhile now.

More to the point, it means the SDNY has already had Giuliani nailed since before it arrested his Ukraine scandal henchmen last week. It’s been widely reported that the Feds arrested the two men sooner than they were planning to, because the guys were attempting to flee the country.

What stands out most of all here is that the SDNY keeps leaking more details about how thoroughly it has Rudy Giuliani nailed, and how close it is to popping him. This tells us that prosecutors are giving Rudy one last chance to conclude that he’s hosed and cut a plea deal against Donald Trump. Barely an hour ago we wrote that Rudy seemed to be in a dark mindset today. Now we know why. The WSJ would have asked him for comment on this story several hours before it was published.

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