Rudy Giuliani has berserk meltdown after his plot is exposed

Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani were hoping that they could criminally conspire with pro-Kremlin entities in Ukraine to manufacture a phony scandal about Joe Biden, and that the American media would focus on playing up the fake Biden scandal instead of the real Trump-Rudy scandal. That’s fully backfired, as most of the media is zeroing in on the fact that Rudy is committing something along the legal lines of treason.

Suffice it to say that Rudy Giuliani isn’t pleased that the media narrative isn’t going his way. This evening, Rudy – whose space bar on his keyboard has been malfunctioning for months, and whose brain has been malfunctioning for even longer – posted this tweet: “Let’s see which CNN, WP, NBC ignore longer the mounting evidence of Comey’s wrongdoing or the Ukrainian investigation of Dems conspiring with Ukrainian officials to dig up dirt on Trump and Manafort. One already found guilty trying to get new Pres-elect to quash investigation.”

So what the heck is Rudy even talking about? It doesn’t really matter. He’s merely attacking the media for refusing to take the bait when it comes to the phony scandals he’s pushing. Giuliani’s accusations against James Comey and the Democrats are completely fabricated, and the media is saying as much – and as the night goes on, it’s becoming more clear that the media isn’t going to let go of the fact that Rudy is conspiring with Ukraine against the United States.

So now what? When the Republicans invented a phony Hillary Clinton email scandal and bullied the FBI into running a lengthy investigation into what everyone involved knew wasn’t a crime, the media made the craven decision to pretend that the email scandal was real. It was an easy opportunity to get ratings, after all, as everyone stayed tuned in for months on end just to try to figure out what the supposed email scandal even entailed.

That unethical decision by the mainstream media is one of the main reasons Donald Trump is now illegitimately in the White House. But the good news is that this time around, most of the media has shown little interest in the phony Joe Biden scandal. So long as the mainstream media doesn’t play up this nonsense (Fox News doesn’t count either way), it won’t have a major impact on the 2020 election. That’s why Rudy is going berserk; he’s taking the risk of committing treason just to promote this phony scandal, and it’s not even working.

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