Donald Trump belongs in a rubber room

In Donald Trump’s deluded mind, there’s someone out there named “Coumo” who’s really out to get him. Who is Coumo? What did Coumo ever do to Trump? This is where we’re at in the psychological collapse, political collapse, and criminal collapse of the pretend President of the United States.

It took a second to figure out that Donald Trump was attempting to launch a berserk attack on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo when he claimed in the middle of the night that the “Witch Hunt Hoax” against him was started by “little Eric Schneiderman & Coumo.” Trump is so far gone, he’s attacking Schneiderman, who has been out of the picture in New York for some time. And how did Trump manage to get “Coumo” past his autocorrect? Anyway, whatever, that’s not the point.

Donald Trump is out of his mind, even by his usual deranged standards, because New York State is now going after him in full force. Michael Cohen used his public testimony and corresponding evidence to telegraph to investigators precisely how to hit Trump where it hurts, and sure enough, New York is subpoenaing bank records and insurance records for specific Trump transactions that it already knows are fraudulent.

Some of these transactions involve millions of dollars in fraud. That means New York can and will hit Donald Trump with massive fines and penalties. Because Trump is so cash-poor, he won’t be able to pay the fines, meaning the state can simply start seizing his assets. And because this is state level, Trump can’t even try to pardon himself or fire anyone who’s coming after him. Trump is hosed, he knows it, and he sounds like a guy who belongs in a rubber room.