Amy Klobuchar rips GOP Senate conspiracy theorist Ron Johnson to pieces during Capitol insurrection hearing

Senate congressional hearings into important matters often tend to include some degree of agenda-pushing and narrative-pushing on the part of the worst Senators. After all, these hearings aren’t legal investigations. They’re all about informing the public about what really happened, and different Senators are going to have different versions of what happened.

Then there’s Republican Senator Ron Johnson. The guy is so addicted to pushing phony conspiracy theories and Kremlin propaganda, there has long been public debate as to whether he’s working for Russia or whether he’s just a whack job.

During today’s Senate hearing on the January 6th Capitol insurrection, Ron Johnson had the nerve to claim that the entire domestic terrorist attack was secretly caused by anti-Trump “antifa” agents. To be clear, this is the kind of lunatic far right rhetoric that helped fuel the insurrection to begin with.

Ron Johnson’s behavior was so deranged, and so dangerous, Senator Amy Klobuchar felt compelled to make a point of calling him out as a serial conspiracy theorist. Johnson is utterly deranged, and one way or the other, he’s not playing for Team America. He’s up for reelection in Wisconsin next year, and we must make a priority out of defeating him.

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