Ron DeSantis is even worse than you think

If you follow Florida politics, you know that there are few bigger punchlines in the Republican ranks than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He’s been in over his head from day one, with no idea how to manage his ever-worsening scandals. His corrupt vaccine rollout and his decision to fake COVID death tolls are criminal scandals that could end up resulting in federal prosecution. He’s already on track to likely lose reelection in 2022, which would mean the end of his political career. Yet on a national level, the media keeps endlessly hyping the quickly-imploding DeSantis as some kind of de facto 2024 frontrunner for President. Why?

The media is desperate for Ron DeSantis to run for President in 2024 because he’s the kind of corrupt, inept, widely despised idiot who can drive ratings. The media is counting on him losing once it finishes milking his campaign for ratings. But we can’t afford to sit back and let the media bet the nation’s future on a crass ratings gambit.

We all watched the media prop up Donald Trump in precisely the same way in 2016, for the same ratings-based reasons. The media was counting on Trump losing, too. But then the Comey letter fluke happened, and as a result America burned to the ground for four years.

Ron DeSantis is the kind of in over his head idiot who would likely flame out rather quickly in the 2024 Republican presidential primary. And if he did somehow get the Republican nomination, he’d almost surely lose to President Biden. But given the kind of damage that a corrupt freak like DeSantis could do on a national level, “almost surely” isn’t good enough. We have to make absolutely certain that DeSantis is non-viable before we even get to 2024.

The best way to stop the “President Ron DeSantis” nightmare from happening in 2024 is to make sure DeSantis loses reelection for Governor in 2022. His poll numbers in Florida are already fairly bad, and his scandals worsening. We must put a national focus on making sure he loses reelection in Florida.

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