Ron DeSantis has angry shouting meltdown after raid of whistleblower’s house goes awry

It’s not clear what Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was thinking when he and his allies sent state police to raid the house of data scientist Rebekah Jones, the whistleblower who exposed DeSantis’ attempted coverup of the coronavirus. Of course as stupid as DeSantis is, perhaps he wasn’t doing any thinking at all.

The whole thing has predictably become a major scandal for DeSantis, as the last thing you want to do is bring more media attention to what you’re trying to cover up. Now that the headlines have turned truly ugly for him, DeSantis had an angry meltdown when he was asked about the scandal today:

This comes amid the news that the warrant to raid Jones’ house appears to have been fraudulently obtained. It seems a given that someone is going to prison for this; the question is whether DeSantis takes the fall himself or whether he can pawn it off onto his underlings. Either way this makes DeSantis particularly vulnerable when it comes to his reelection bid for Governor of Florida in 2022, and gives the Democrats a major opening in that election.

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