Ron DeSantis doubles down on his ugliest scandal

Last month we asked why Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is so averse to promoting vaccines and school masks which prevent COVID, while being so eager to promote expensive treatments for those who catch COVID. Is he purposely trying to create more COVID patients so he can cash in on some kind of corrupt deal, or is he just an idiot?

Here we are a month later, and DeSantis’ approval rating and poll numbers keep dropping as COVID continues to get uglier in his state. A double digit number of school districts have now rebelled against his ban on school mask mandates. The polls say most Floridians are against him on this issue, and even the courts have ruled against him on it. Yet DeSantis keeps doubling down on his unpopular, unwinnable position.

Now a visibly nervous Ron DeSantis is making a point of doubling down on promoting treatments for people who have caught COVID:


Yeah, there’s definitely something corrupt going on here. Ron DeSantis must be getting some kind of personal benefit from COVID treatment companies that’s so valuable to him, he’s willing to keep making sure as many Floridians catch COVID as possible, and he’s willing to harm his approval rating in the process. Something is very wrong here. Follow the money.

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