Ron DeSantis and his “heinous indoctrination” debacle

What do the words “heinous indoctrination” mean to you?

I ask that question because apparently, to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, they mean something quite awful. What do you suppose that could be?

Could it be the actions of the vile insurrectionists? Could it be the despicable actions of the Supreme Court in letting the Texas handmaid’s law stand?

Apparently not. No, Governor DeSantis, in a fundraising email, used that term for — Merrick Garland?

Indeed he did. The frazzled Floridian Governor is seemingly not content killing as many Floridians as possible. Now he wants to see parents all over the country harass other parents. Just listen to what he says in this email.

Per, the email goes like this: “Attorney General Merrick Garland is ordering the FBI to target, intimidate, and SILENCE parents who exercise their First Amendment rights at local school board meetings. This is an egregious abuse of power by the federal government and an all-out-assault on parental rights.”

Also: “Joe Biden’s administration is attempting to silence parents speaking out against this heinous indoctrination of our children.”

Don’t you get tired of hearing whiny Republicans invoke the First Amendment and freedom and all the rest of the verbal junk that comes out of their mouths?

I know I’m tired of hearing it. My question is: what about OUR rights? What about the right of parents everywhere who love their children and are now living in fear because many of them are being terrorized by out-of-control MAGAS who seem to believe “freedom” and “rights” apply to them only?

WE have rights. We have the right to live in peace. We have the right to go out to eat without being harassed by ranting and ravings fools about wearing a mask.

We have the right to look after our horses and cows without having to back-order their medications because crazed Fox viewers are snatching said medicines up and drinking them. We have the right to walk around without worrying about being made sick by maskless idiots who seem to think “owning the libs” is more important than their own health.


The fact that Governor DeSantis has decided to FUNDRAISE off of what is happening at school board meetings only shows what an awful person he is. It also shows our AG Garland is doing right by all of us. We must remove Ron from office in 2022.

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