Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott are in trouble

Inspired by the congressional GOP’s idiotic feuding with President Obama and the failure to recall Gov. Scott Walker, the last decade has seen a number of Republican governors acting like dictators over their own private fiefdoms – doing things like refusing to expand the ACA to cover their states and punishing state employees who proposed solutions to climate change. This behavior of course accelerated under Donald Trump, since he tended to reward the governors who behaved that way, while punishing governors in states that didn’t vote for him.

It’s come to a head now with DeSantis’ and Abbott’s reckless disregard for human life in their respective states that brought about thousands of preventable deaths – and yet there’s still a number of other Republicans across the country aspiring to be just like them. Fortunately, as President Biden made clear in his Thursday night speech, he’s had enough – and he’s prepared to fight back.

“Have at it,” he said, daring them to sue over the new vaccine requirements. “I am so disappointed, particularly that some of the Republican governors have been so cavalier with the health of these kids, so cavalier with the health of their communities.” While he didn’t name anyone, those who responded knew who he was referring to – vowing to push back furiously. This is a bit of an empty threat on the part of Republicans – because at this point, we rarely see them not angry over something ridiculous.

By pushing back and suing the Biden administration, Republican governors will be making clear to residents that they don’t care about their safety. President Biden knows that if they keep up the same insane rhetoric that got us to this point, they’re losing their suburban support. Of course, the mess they’ve left behind is something voters shouldn’t forgive them come 2022. Let’s make sure we vote them out in droves down the ballot.

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