Roger Stone has meltdown about Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

Donald Trump’s oldest friend Roger Stone is in a bad place. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has hauled more than a dozen of Stone’s associates before a grand jury to testify against him, making clear that Stone is going to be indicted and arrested for something. Stone has even said in interviews that he’s prepared for the inevitable. He’s been trying to fund a legal defense by promoting his bizarre books, while also trying to remain publicly aligned with Trump. But that just went very wrong for Stone, and it relates to the Supreme Court.

Roger Stone’s books are full of histrionic conspiratorial nonsense about Hillary and Bill Clinton, and to a lesser extent, the Bush family. When buzz grew over the past week that Donald Trump was considering nominating Brett Kavanaugh, this presented a problem for Roger Stone, because Kavanaugh is at the center of one of Stone’s favorite phony conspiracies.

Here’s what Roger Stone posted on his Instagram account over the weekend: “The single best reason why President Trump should not put Brett Kavanaugh on the US Supreme Court – he is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bush crime family who’s campaign for the court is being managed by Karl Rove. Kavanaugh was up to his ass in the cover up of the death of Clinton Lawyer Vince Foster.”

To be clear, Brett Kavanaugh never covered up any murder. Roger Stone just makes this stuff up. But because Stone has long centered his books around this imaginary Clinton murder plot, and because he’s pinned Kavanaugh at the center of the coverup, he has to stick with his story in order to keep driving sales of his books. Stone, who by all accounts is no longer part of Trump’s inner circle, must have been betting that Trump wouldn’t pick Kavanaugh when he posted this.

Roger Stone is on the verge of being indicted and arrested, in an effort at getting him to flip on Donald Trump. Stone’s cartoonish recent loyalty pledges to Trump suggest that he’s naive enough to believe Trump might actually pardon him. Yet now Stone is falsely accusing Trump’s Supreme Court nominee of having covered up a murder. That’s got to make things awkward.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report