Mueller reveals proof of Trump-Russia collusion, and Roger Stone’s life is over

Today a federal judge hit Roger Stone with a gag order, preventing him from publicly discussing the criminal charges against him going forward. That might be just as well, as Special Counsel Robert Mueller just made a court filing which essentially nails Stone for treason, and it proves Trump-Russia election collusion in the process.

Robert Mueller’s new court filing this evening reveals that he’s seized communications between Roger Stone and the Russian government hacker collective known as Guccifer 2.0. This means that Stone was criminally conspiring with the Kremlin to try to alter the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. Although Stone came and went as a Trump campaign adviser, he remained a personal political adviser to Donald Trump throughout the campaign. In other words, “yes collusion.” But there’s more.

All that’s left to prove now is that Donald Trump knew Roger Stone was conspiring with the Kremlin to alter the outcome of the election, and it’ll mean that Trump is guilty of Stone’s crimes. Mueller is now one step away from nailing Donald Trump for conspiring against the United States to rig the election in his favor.

As for Roger Stone, he’s now finished. The judge has taken his voice away, making him irrelevant. And now Mueller has him nailed for profoundly serious criminal charges that make the original seven-count indictment against him look like child’s play. Stone will never get out of prison. And if Trump tries to pardon Stone, state charges will finish him off.

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