Roger Stone crashes and burns

Just three years ago, Roger Stone was openly bragging on Twitter about how he was conspiring with Kremlin puppet WikiLeaks about the 2016 election. Now he’s been criminally indicted on a host of felony charges, he’s been arrested in his home, and he’s going through a criminal trial which will send him to prison for most or all of his natural life if he’s convicted. Also, he can’t stay out of the bathroom.

When the news broke that Roger Stone spent a long stretch of the first day of his trial proceedings hiding in the courthouse bathroom and refusing to come out, it was typically absurd. This is the same guy who, after he got arrested, nearly got his bail revoked for posting an image with crosshairs over the judge’s head. Stone ended up telling the judge that he was suffering from food poisoning, prompting her to offer him some Imodium she’d been keeping in her chambers, before ultimately sending him home for the day.

Is Roger Stone literally crapping himself over the prospect of going to prison, or is this just another one of his bizarre antics? After all, Stone once claimed that someone had poisoned him with polonium. Stone also once claimed, after a car accident, that it was some kind of plot against him. Maybe he thinks someone slipped some ex lax in his food, for no apparent reason.

This is all playing out even as Donald Trump’s illegitimate presidency – which exists in part due to the crimes that Roger Stone committed during in the name of manipulating the election results – is rapidly falling to pieces. The news of Stone hiding in the bathroom during his trial arrived around the same time as the news that Gordon Sondland had flipped on Trump in the impeachment process. Stone and Trump are both likely headed to prison; it just looks like Stone will get there first.

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