Roger Stone goes berserk after Paul Manafort sells him out to Robert Mueller

One of the key overlooked political storylines this week was the news that, as Paul Manafort continues to sell out everyone he knows in the hope of a shorter prison sentence, he’s sold out Roger Stone to Special Counsel Robert Mueller. This is significant because Manafort and Stone go back several decades, and used to have an international political consulting firm together. Suffice it to say that Stone noticed the news, and wasn’t too pleased with it.

Several major news outlets reported this week that many of Robert Mueller’s questions for Paul Manafort have been about Roger Stone. Because Manafort has a formal cooperation deal in place, he’s required to give up everything he knows. So if Manafort had refused to give Mueller what he wanted to know about Stone, Mueller would have revoked Manafort’s deal by now. In other words, Manafort has sold out Stone.

Roger Stone seems to have figured out how much trouble he’s in. On his Instagram page, the only social media network he hasn’t been banned from, Stone insisted that he had “A great night out with [Nydia Stone] where we laughed about fake news reports that Paul Manafort knows of ANY illegal or inappropriate activity on my part in 2016.” This is interesting, because while Mueller is indeed investigating Stone’s role in the 2016 election, Manafort has probably been dishing to Mueller about Stone’s actions in the previous years when they were in business together.

Based on the various witnesses Robert Mueller has brought before the grand jury, he appears to be building a criminal case against Roger Stone that spans several decades, up through the present day. Stone has routinely insisted that he’s innocent of all possible charges, and he’s claimed several times that Mueller is going to “frame” him.