Things just took a rocky turn for Donald Trump

It may be the night before Thanksgiving, but the political news cycle doesn’t appear to be slowing down for the holidays. That’s because Donald Trump’s escalating and cascading scandals just keep getting uglier for him in real time. So what is Trump doing about it? Well, that’s another story.

Earlier today Donald Trump tweeted a photoshopped image of his head on the body of Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky character. The whole thing was so absurd, the internet erupted in laughter, scorn, and bewilderment. Did Trump somehow think that the contrast between Rocky’s fit frame, and his own giant head and failed hairstyle, somehow made him look good? Also, how could the President of the United States be so insecure that he has to portray himself as someone else? I think there’s actually an important point in this.

One of Trump’s handlers clearly fed him this image – and the only reason to do that would be to try to lift his spirits. That means Trump’s handlers must be sitting around trying to think of ways to cheer him up, which in turn means they’re afraid all the bad news is going to send him into a funk.

We saw reports last week from the New York Times and Washington Post that Donald Trump was “miserable” and that he considered the ongoing impeachment process “intolerable.” It looks like those reports were onto something. Trump is in a rocky place, and he knows it, and portraying himself as Rocky can’t save him.

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