Donald Trump is stuck between a rock and a prison cell

Here’s how scared Donald Trump is of Vladimir Putin: yesterday, Trump flat out refused to honor the legal deadline for him to enforce new sanctions against Russia. In so doing, he helped build the criminal case against himself, and thus increased the odds that this all ends with him in a prison cell. This means that whatever Putin is holding over him or threatening him with, it must be worse than prison. This is just the start of Trump’s rock-and-a-hard-place problems.

Robert Mueller is now investigating Donald Trump for having tried to illegally fire Robert Mueller. Feel free to read that sentence twice for the surreal nature of this to set in. Trump is now on the hook legally for having tried and failed to commit a crime in an effort at getting himself off the hook. Remarkably, his half hearted attempt at firing Mueller delivered him no benefit. That’s like walking into a bank with a gun drawn, announcing you’re robbing it, saying “ah screw it” after the cashier makes a meanie face at you, walking out, and going to prison for attempted bank robbery anyway.

Then there is Trump’s decision to harass FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe into retiring. This is also obstruction of justice, except oops, McCabe wasn’t even involved in the Russia investigation. Trump somehow convinced himself that McCabe was the one screwing him over, simply because McCabe’s wife is a Democrat. Trump once again committed an obstruction crime by ousting McCabe, and gained nothing from it. That’s like trying to rob a bank, only to find out that it’s a fake bank on a movie set. There was no possible gain in it for you, and yet you’re still going down for a crime.

Donald Trump keeps committing crimes left and right, because he’s a lawless career criminal. Donald Trump keeps committing the wrong crimes, the ones that don’t even help him, because he’s a tepid buffoon. Stupid criminals always get locked up in the end. The odds of Trump landing in a cell keep increasing by the day.

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