Donald Trump forced to move Rochester, Minnesota rally to smaller venue

Donald Trump’s campaign rallies this week have been a disaster for him. He left his supporters stranded in the freezing cold in Omaha. He seemingly tried to incite violence against first responders after people began passing out from the heat during his Tampa rally. Now Trump is having trouble with his Rochester, Minnesota rally as well.

Local TV channel KSTP-TV is reporting that the Donald Trump campaign was planning to hold a rally with six thousand attendees at the Dodge Center, but was forced at the last minute to move it to a mere 250 person capacity venue. This came after the Minnesota Attorney General’s office pressured the Trump campaign ton move the rally, because the original venue failed to provide the state with a “COVID preparedness plan.”

It was obviously negligent for Donald Trump to schedule a six thousand person rally in a region where the pandemic is completely out of control. But it was also incompetent of Trump and his allies not to even bother taking care of the necessary paperwork. Now that Trump has scaled his rally back at the last minute, we’re left to wonder how many of his supporters might end up getting stranded in the cold again; it’s currently 36 degrees in Rochester.

Meanwhile Trump just tweeted this: “Forced to move our Rally tonight in Fayetteville, North Carolina, to Monday, due to high speed winds and bad weather. I love you North Carolina. Stay safe, see you on Monday!!!” That’s odd considering it’s currently 80 degrees in Fayetteville with only a 14 MPH wind and a 15% chance of rain. This is all getting weirder.

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