We told you Robert Mueller isn’t done with his Plan B

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s original plan – to release his entire report on Donald Trump, and then let Congress and the public decide what to do with him – was derailed when Attorney General William Barr lied to the public about the nature of the report and then released a suspiciously redacted version. For weeks, it was far from clear if Mueller had a Plan B, or what it might look like. Then earlier this month it became rather clear to us, though few others seemed to see it. Now it’s coming to fruition.

For some time now it’s been obvious that Robert Mueller would eventually have to testify before Congress – with at least part of his testimony in public – in order to explain what all he really found. But that testimony keeps not happening, and it’s led large chunks of the public to ask what’s going on. House Democrats have seemed reticent to go into much detail about it. But they could subpoena Mueller to testify if they wanted to, and he’s the type who would dutifully honor a subpoena. So their decision not to subpoena him means that whatever his reason is for the delay, House Democrats are on board with it.

Mueller seemed to spell out that reason in big block letters earlier this month when he and what’s left of his Special Counsel team decided – out of nowhere, up against no deadline, and for no stated reason – to make a court filing in the Michael Flynn case which revealed that Flynn testified against Donald Trump, and even turned over a voicemail that incriminates Trump and his personal attorney. We took this as a sign that Mueller was using his last bits of power as Special Counsel to force certain redacted aspects of his report into public view, so he could then testify about them, and Barr wouldn’t be able to stop him. Obviously his testimony would need to wait until his Plan B was complete.

The thing is, just about no one in the mainstream media seemed to catch on to Palmer Report’s interpretation that Robert Mueller is trying to forcibly unredact the most important of his redacted crimes before he testifies about them. But we think the media will get there before much longer. CNN is now reporting that the judge in the Flynn case has ordered Barr’s DOJ to take all the redacted portions of the Mueller report that pertain to Flynn, and make them public by this Friday.

Think this one through. Robert Mueller decided out of nowhere to tell a judge – who has already expressed frustration at the secrecy of the Flynn plea deal process – that Flynn has produced testimony and evidence against Donald Trump. The judge has, predictably, responded by moving to force every inch of the Trump-Flynn investigation into the public eye. No wonder Mueller hasn’t testified yet. He’s still setting the stage for it. If the DOJ does release the Flynn material on Friday, we’ll see if Mueller then resigns and testifies – or if his Plan B also involves forcibly unredacting other key evidence.

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