Robert Mueller just backed Donald Trump into a no-win corner and an imminent bad decision

What do you do when you’re being forced to make a choice between two equally terrible options? You put it off as long as you can, or you try to slam your fist down on the board in the hope of rearranging the pieces, or you pick your poison and get it over with, or you just give up and go home. That’s the kind of corner that Donald Trump has now been backed into by Robert Mueller, and time is nearly up, and we can now see that Trump has no idea which terrible option to go with.

Trump has to decide, and very soon, whether to give a Trump-Russia interview to Mueller or to plead the Fifth Amendment. Trump already tried antics like the Nunes memo in the hope of saving himself from having to make such a choice. Those antics failed, and so now Trump’s back is against the wall. Which choice will he make? He surely doesn’t know. Trump’s own attorneys are now letting it be known to the Wall Street Journal (link) that they’re afraid to let Trump testify, for fear he’ll commit perjury.

Stop and think about that for a minute. Trump is in such a weak position that even his own lawyers can’t come up with a better gambit than flat out public admitting that they’re afraid their client is going to get caught lying. Is this some weird attempt at garnering sympathy for Trump? Is America supposed to feel sorry for Trump because he’s afflicted by pathological lying and it’s against the law to lie to federal investigators? Are Trump’s lawyers merely throwing up their hands and trying to make sure that no one blames them for whatever stupid and self-defeating thing Trump ends up doing with regard to his testimony?

What will Donald Trump specifically do in response to Robert Mueller’s testimony demands? No one knows for sure. But this does mean that we’re about to see Trump make a bad decision, because his only choices are bad ones, and then make things far worse than he has to, because he’s such an erratic self immolating nutcase he even scares his own attorneys. Based on the timing, that self immolation is coming any minute now.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report