RNC Chair goes berserk after learning that Michael Cohen is flipping on Donald Trump

Yesterday we learned that Donald Trump’s longtime fixer Michael Cohen has taken the first steps in cutting a plea deal against Trump, and that Cohen will be arrested within days if he doesn’t complete a deal in time. This set off shockwaves in all directions, because Cohen’s role means he has dirt on Trump and probably most of his family. What’s remarkable here is that Cohen is still somehow Deputy Finance Chair for the Republican National Committee. Suffice it to say that the RNC Chair didn’t take the news particularly well.

Hours after the Cohen news surfaced, Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniels posted this utterly cartoon-villain bonkers tweet: “Complacency is our enemy. Anyone that does not embrace the Donald Trump agenda of making America great again will be making a mistake.” Wow. This reads like a line out of a science fiction movie whose main villain would be rejected for being too over the top and unrealistic. What is she even talking about?

It’s beyond comprehension that the RNC didn’t force Michael Cohen to step down after the FBI raided his home and office earlier this year, and it became clear that he was going to end up being indicted and arrested on very serious criminal charges. Even after Donald Trump tried to publicly distance himself from the Cohen, the RNC still kept him on. And now that it’s become clear that Cohen is about to go down, and that he’ll take a whole lot of people with him, the leader of the RNC is publicly going Bonkers McBonkers.

What on earth is Michael Cohen holding over the Republican National Committee? Why are they still sticking with this guy as he sinks? Why is the RNC Chair posting utterly demented and delusional nonsense, now that Cohen is about to go down? Stay tuned.

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