Rick Scott is a career criminal

Current Florida Governor Rick Scott, who is also the Republican nominee for the Senate, has consistently attacked his Democratic opponent Bill Nelson. As Palmer Report has documented, Scott has an unfortunate history of preventing Florida from accessing the necessary funding of $20 million for mental healthcare following the Parkland shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School. Scott was even called “the ultimate Medicare thief” while CEO of Columbia/HCA after they were fined $1.7 billion for his antics.

As Scott continues his assault on the electorate in an attempt at becoming the next Senator from Florida, it is important to acknowledge his many recent lies and conspiracies. According to a recent Tampa Bay Times article, it turns out that Scott has financial ties to a vendor that is associated with the criminally compromised SunPass toll system. As the Times documents, this is at least the seventh time that Scott has been connected to a possibly illegal scam.

A manager of Highland Capital Management, which is associated with Conduent Inc., held $127 million worth of stock in the company. A subsidiary of Conduent won a $287 million contract in Florida to manage SunPass. This contract eventually grew to $343 million and was awarded by the Florida Department of Transportation, whose secretary was appointed by Scott.

As these actions by Rick Scott have been viewed as possibly illegal, including the $780,000 in fines, Floridians must be hesitant to vote for someone involved in such criminality. With so much at risk, it is important to understand who is doing their best to prevent American progress. “We will not let Conduent off the hook,” Transportation Secretary Mike Dew said in August. “The bill for reimbursements will be sent directly to Conduent.” While Scott continues to screw over Floridians, and Americans, we must all realize how important it is to vote out those that continue to harm our future.