Donald Trump just threw Rick Perry all the way under the bus

Over the past forty-eight hours we’ve seen Secretary of Energy Rick Perry announce that he’s going to fully cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump, and we’ve seen Perry decide to resign. Now, to the surprise of no one, Trump is throwing Rick Perry under the bus – all the way under the bus.

Donald Trump is now telling House Republicans that it was Rick Perry who talked him into calling the President of Ukraine to begin with, and that “I didn’t even want to make the call,” according to an explosive new report from Axios. This is important for a few reasons.

First, it was already clear that Rick Perry was looking to cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry in the name of saving himself from ending up being criminally indicted for his role in the Ukraine scandal. If anything, Trump just spitefully gave Perry additional motivation to sell Trump out as thoroughly as possible.

Second, Politico reported earlier today that Rick Perry was abusing his position in the Trump regime to push Ukraine to hire his Texas oil buddies to run a major Ukrainian oil company. We’re left to wonder if it was Trump who leaked this news, in an attempt at bloodying up Perry before trying to scapegoat him.

Third, Donald Trump appears to have just given away something new by claiming that Rick Perry was pushing him to discuss “something about an LNG [liquified natural gas] plant” with the President of Ukraine. This opens up a whole new aspect to the Trump-Ukraine extortion scandal. In his hasty and pointless attempt at scapegoating Perry, it looks like Trump may have done some real harm to himself.

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