Rick Perry just let out a cry for help in the dark

Over the past couple weeks Secretary of Energy Rick Perry has announced that he would fully cooperate with the House impeachment inquiry, then he leaked that he’s resigning, then Donald Trump claimed that Perry made him call Ukraine, then Perry publicly asserted that he’s not resigning, then a bunch of witnesses testified that Perry was knee deep in the Ukraine scandal.

That’s left us with the question of whether Rick Perry was going to stay loyal to Donald Trump and hope for a magic pardon that’ll likely never come, or if Perry was going to sell Trump out to the House impeachment inquiry and hope that his cooperation might prevent the next iteration of the DOJ from indicting him. Now it looks like Perry is asking the audience for help in making his decision.

Rick Perry is now telling the Wall Street Journal that he called Rudy Giuliani early on in the Ukraine extortion scandal, and tried to push Giuliani into allowing a meeting to take place between Donald Trump and the new President of Ukraine. In other words, Perry is painting himself as the guy who tried to make things right, and he’s also painting Rudy as the guy who had hijacked U.S. foreign policy for his own purposes.

Rick Perry is also claiming that he never heard anyone involved talk about coercing Ukraine into promoting the fake Biden scandal. This likely isn’t so much about Perry trying to protect others, as it is about trying to protect himself. By claiming he never heard anyone talk about the criminal motive behind the extortion scandal, Perry can claim that he didn’t know he was participating in a criminal scandal. In any case, this interview won’t save Perry. Instead it reads more like a cry for help in the dark.

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