Rick Perry just caved in the Trump whistleblower scandal

The name of Secretary of Energy Rick Perry has popped up in just enough key aspects of Donald Trump’s Ukraine scandal to make clear that, at the least, Perry knew what Trump was up to. That makes Perry a material witness even if he wasn’t in on the criminal conspiracy, which means he’ll be committing a crime if he refuses to help with the investigation.

Donald Trump has made as clear as possible that he wants all of his own people to obstruct justice as thoroughly as possible, in the name of slowing down the House impeachment inquiry into the Ukraine scandal. Trump loyalists like embattled Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have made a public and emphatic point of spelling out that they’re not going to cooperate no matter what it might cost them. Then there’s Rick Perry.

Rick Perry announced today that he’s going to fully cooperate with the Ukraine investigation, and answer any questions he’s asked. Wait a minute here, that’s not the script that the Trump regime has been pushing. One of two things is happening here.

Either Rick Perry just smartly decided to cut his losses and cooperate with the impeachment inquiry in order to ensure that he doesn’t end up criminally charged like the rest of Donald Trump’s goons, or Perry has very stupidly decided to go in and lie to investigators about the scandal in the hope of protecting Trump. Rick Perry is a dumb guy, but he’s survived this long because he knows he’s a dumb guy. We suspect he’s playing for Team Perry on this one, not Team Trump.

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