Donald Trump caught trying to commit a bizarre crime involving Turkey and Rex Tillerson

As we speak, Donald Trump is doing an unconscionable and deadly favor to Turkish leader Erdogan by allowing him to invade northern Syria and slaughter U.S.-allied Kurds. Why is Trump being so personally loyal to yet another evil world leader? Tonight it surfaced that this is far from the first time in which Trump has tried to do Erdogan an illegal favor.

Back when Turkish criminal Reza Zarrab was being criminally prosecuted by the U.S. government, Donald Trump asked then-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to get Zarrab off the hook, according to a stunning new report tonight from Bloomberg. Tillerson reportedly refused to go along with it, and voiced his objections to John Kelly, but neither man went public with the obstruction of justice crime that Trump was committing. It gets worse.

Longtime Palmer Report readers will recall the name Reza Zarrab because of his ties to two key Trump advisers: Michael Flynn and Rudy Giuliani. After Zarrab ended up cutting a cooperating plea deal, Flynn ended up cutting a plea deal of his own, ostensibly because Zarrab had sold him out. In addition, Rudy was acting as Zarrab’s informal legal counsel, and at one point Giuliani was lectured by a judge for his unscrupulous antics with regard to Zarrab’s trial. There’s more.

Former Obama administration official Colin Kahl tweeted tonight that Turkish leader Erdogan had been pressuring the Obama administration to let Reza Zarrab off the hook – to no avail – because Erdogan worried about the secrets Zarrab would spill. So it turns out Donald Trump committed a crime in the name of getting a foreign national criminal off the hook, in a manner that would have benefitted Erdogan, Flynn, and Giuliani.

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