John Bolton just set the stage for his revenge against Donald Trump

Considering how much of a bloodthirsty, vengeful warmonger John Bolton is, how massive his ego is, and how much insider dirt he surely has, we’ve been expecting him to seek ugly revenge on Donald Trump over the humiliating way in which he was fired yesterday. We saw a little bit of that yesterday. Now we’re getting confirmation that the motherlode is coming. Interestingly, we’re also getting a timeframe.

John Bolton could start using his Twitter account right now to begin putting Donald Trump’s embarrassing secrets out there. Bolton could be tweeting about how stupid Trump is, the idiotic things he’s said, how senile Trump has become, the criminal antics he’s seen Trump commit, and so on. Instead, he’s telling the Washington Post that “I will have my say in due course.” So what does that mean?

Last night, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell predicted that John Bolton would try to cash in by writing a tell-all book about Donald Trump. Sure enough, “in due course” pretty much confirms that Bolton is going to do precisely that.

The thing is, in order to land a huge advance and begin building some anticipation for its eventual release, Bolton and his publisher probably will throw some tidbits out there before too much longer. But as Palmer Report explained last night, the most profitable time for Bolton to publish his book will be during the 2020 general election, when the largest number of people will be paying attention. It’ll also be the most opportune time to try to use the book to harm Trump’s reelection prospects.

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