Revealed: New York prosecutors are using Michael Cohen and Deutsche Bank to take Donald Trump down

Earlier today the news broke that the Manhattan District Attorney had expanded his criminal investigation into Donald Trump to include his Westchester golf resort. This is notable because the DA has had a widely documented grand jury in the process of indicting Trump for at least a year, and we keep seeing signs that it’s ramping up just as Trump is leaving office.

Now the AP is reporting tonight that just yesterday, Michael Cohen spent several hours meeting with the DA and his team, asking him questions about Donald Trump’s relationship with Deutsche Bank. This comes after the New York Times reported that the DA had Deutsche Bank employees testify against Trump to the grand jury last month.

When you put these pieces together it becomes clear that the Manhattan DA is zeroing in on Donald Trump’s financial crimes in relation to Deutsche Bank, and that the DA has the cooperation of everyone from Michael Cohen to the bank itself. There’s still no way of knowing when the grand jury will drop its first indictments on Trump. But it’s notable that he’s five days away from being vulnerable to arrest.

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